Your site is missing here?

Your company just launched a major project with TYPO3?
Your own company uses TYPO3 on a large scale?

But in order to keep a high quality of the references on this site, we have some guidelines, that we would like you to check first, before submitting a site for our review.

The rule is: If 2 of the 6 guidelines below are met, there is a very good chance we will list the project:

1. The company generates at least 500 million EUR in global revenue
2. The company is of recognizable global recognition (well-known brand)
3. The company employs more than 5,000 employees worldwide
4. The site is a major governmental site or global NGO
5. The site uses TYPO3 for a highly business critical large application
6. The site is so exceptionally cool, that we want to list it here :-)

Also please make sure you write an abstract on the organization/company you are submitting and another abstract on why they chose TYPO3 and what they use it for.

We are looking forward to your suggestions!